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Rockland Road featuring Small Shack Concert. Hardeman County's own SmallShack will open for Rockland Road at 7 p.m.

Rockland Road is a vocal-driven, melodic band with a signature sound as rich and authentic as its namesake. Rockland Road is six musicians who share the last name Martin—representing four generations of musical heritage—all vocalists who among them play 23 different instruments. It is a powerhouse group featuring soulful vocals imbued with a pure, exuberant joy worthy of the talented blood that flows through this family’s veins. For more information about Rockland Road visit their website at

Rockland Road is many things: a street near Nashville, a studio where countless hit records were recorded, a crossroads where country, gospel, pop, R&B & Americana music has thrived. It is a self-contained vocal-driven melodic band with a heritage as rich and authentic as its namesake.


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